Do the pages not look all right? Do they not behave as they should? has been tested using the latest versions of the most popular web browsers. In order to get the best presentation and functionality, your computer and browser must be set up correctly. The hints in this section are valid for most other sites too. Please be aware that some settings might affect the security level of your computer.

Web browsers has been validated by the following browsers. is optimized for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. With the introduction of Firefox, the test with Netscape and Opera will sease. According to, Firefox is superior these products and works on at least as many platforms. There are no English support pages for Opera or Netscape.



JavaScript is probably the most common method to execute program code on a web client. JavaScript is, like other web languages, designed to protect your computer from damages caused by malicious code from spiteful sites. For instance there is no way to access the files on your computer without your approval. utilizes JavaScript to:

Transmitted information

Some web browsers display question dialogs about information being sent over the web. There are sometimes reasons for such warnings - for instance if you have entered personal information and visit an ordering page. collects information that is available in your browser on order to optimize the site to the visitors. If those questions annoys yoy, yuo may disable them like this. If you, for some reason, do not want to take part in this statistics, of course works anyway.



Cachning means that downloaded pages are stored locally fo a while. This allows for shorter response times and in some cases the possibility to browse previously vistied pages off line. In order to work properly this calls for a ballance between perfomance and the possibilty to emediatelly take part in new contents. uses dynmical pages and are best suited for limited or no caching.

Meta refresh

Meta refresh allows the web browser to automatically reroute to another page. One classical use is to send the visitor to the intended page, for instance when she or he browse into the URL Instead the corresponding main page shows - - provided that meta refresh is activated.



The technique to show small web pages as subsets within a larger page is called frames. Without frames you would not be able to see this and not much else at either. Frames are normally not possible to disablein Internet Explorer or Netscape. In case you have Opera installed and frames is not processed properly, you may have to reactivate them - or finally get a descent web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Colours and resolution

The more colours, the better looking images - sounds quite obvious, when you put it like that. The available resolution often depends of the requested number of colours and the other way around. Few colours and lower resolution may speed up action games but are no good at A colour depth of 16 bit planes - or expressed in number of colours - well over 65000 - (high colour) is a prerequisite for the pictures to look alright. strongly recommends the use of 24 bit planes or more (true colour).

The site adapts as far as possible to the size of the window, but it designed for a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or more. If you use the free version of Opera, you will need a a little higher resolution to see the entire pictures.

How to adjust the number of colours and resolution in MS Windows is described here.

Bot only does the computer need to support enough colours and pixels - the web browser needs to cope too. That is: the browser must allow the site to specify colours.

Text sizes

Sure, it may be hard to read the text occansionly, but if you frequently find the font too small, maybe the high resolution/size of the screen is the problem? The design of depends on the texts fit inside the buttons and fields. Of course it is possible to utilize the contents anyway, but it will look the sharpest having default texts.

Style templates

It is possible to define custom style templates in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. is a site where a lot of effort has been put into design and custom style templates often interfere with the intended layout.

In case you, for instance because of weak eyesight, need a style template of your own, you will still be able to view the matter. apologizes that the pages may look a litle bit stange. If you want to see the pages in the intended layout - proceed like this.

Pictures is a graphics forum. To experience the site having pictures disabled or with a textual browser, like Lynx, does not make a lot of sense. Change browser or activate images in your current browser.


Tables work as both a framework for the layout and as actual tabular formating at Just as frames, tables always do work in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape while they might be disabled in Opera. In case tables are denied in Opera, they need to be activated again.